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Rebecca and Mariah
Rebecca and Mariah- Summer 2012
Clear Creek Candle

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Rebecca Making Soap
Rebecca making our famous organic soap...Top Seller!!

Rebecca Hernandez started Clear Creek Candle in the basement of her home in Darrington in 2002.  The website success and local retail customers helped to grow the candle business to more than candles. 

There was a need for high quality, reasonable cost , organic soaps and body products.  Through trial and error, the incredible line of  cold process organic soap was developed, using the finest oils and butters available. 

Then we added the soy body lotions,  facial moisturizer, foot cream, "green stuff" (as our customers named it), sugar scrub, and hydrating body spray.

In April of 2006, the retail store opened in Darrington.  It has since been a successful entity not only to locals residing in the town, but to customers as far away as Washington, D.C., who make a point to stop on their annual visits through the Cascade Mountain Range. We have our out-of-towners that take a drive up Highway 530 on a sunny Sunday afternoon to buy soap and candles.  Our customer base is state wide, our internet sales are all over the U.S.A. We have even shipped our soap to Spain.

Our prices are reasonable, and that is important to us in this economy.  Money is tight, and we want our products to be of the best quality and still affordable for our customers.  We stand behind every product we make.

moon sequence
Mariah working on candle orders for our Valentine's Day rush.

Mariah Foster joined Clear Creek Candle in 2009.  Her willingness to learn, her ability to work hard, and her high quality standards made her a perfect fit for the candle store.
Mariah not only makes candles, soaps, and lotions, but she  checks and double checks products for quality as they are made.
She has added some wonderful products of her own creation to the store, soon to be added to the website.  Her bath bombs are a top seller, leaving our customers with soft skin and wonderful fragrance.  These are now another  addition to our relaxing bath product line in the store.

Mariah's car freshners are top of the line. Our customers use them in cars, closets, basements, and come back for more. 

I am proud to have the skills, dedication, and  positive energy  that Mariah brings to Clear Creek Candle. 

Most important is the trust she has  earned from our customer base,  that our products are made right.  Mariah understands this and  that is her most important  asset. With that in mind, Mariah is now partners with me in ownership of the candle store.  Together, we can develop new products, maintain our quality standards, and be even more efficient with our customer service.

Congrats to Mariah!!!

priority mail logo
We Use United States Post Office....Priority Mail!! 10.00 Flat Rate - all orders!!!

Clear Creek Candle is located in Darrington, Washington,  just at the foothills of the North Cascade Mountain Range,  two miles from the  wild and scenic Sauk River. 

The magic we share with these  magnificent giants brings creative, positive energy to all who visit and to those who are fortunate enough to live here.  

We want to light up your sacred  space with pleasing color,  positive energy, and wonderful  fragrance.

Each of our candles are hand poured, with positive energy. We offer  palm wax , paraffin and bees wax,  soyblend jar candles, bath bombs and car fresheners, and an entire line of our organic body products.

Our special blend waxes result in a long burning,  heavenly scented candle that will give you hours and hours of enjoyment. Our fragrance oils are top of the line. Our wicks are lead-free.

We also formulate our own body lotions, butters, face creams, sugar scrub, exfoliants, foot cream and our  hand made organic soaps.
The candle store is in it's 7th year in the same retail location,  and our 10th year in business.    We have gone through  some recent changes, and have  returned stronger and dedicated to making the best quality candles, soaps, lotions and bath products  at a reasonable price.  We test burn our candles for proper wick size before offering them to our customers. Our soaps cure for 3 weeks, our lotions are tested and skin safe. 

Our customer base is most important, and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy with your products.
If at any time you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund or replace, no questions asked.  We want to be your candle, body lotion, and  soap source. 
If your order is a gift, let us know and we will gift wrap it for free.


 AT THIS TIME WE CANNOT OFFER WHOLESALE PRICING.  We receive inquiries from other stores often, wishing to carry our products, and are not set up to accommodate wholesale orders at this time. 

  We update our website monthly.    We share our customer information with no one.


All credit card transactions are taken through our secure site processor, pay pal, to ensure your identity safety and security. Click here to view our privacy statement. You do not have to have a pay pal account to order.

If you have any questions regarding our policies or products, please e mail us at:




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lunar phases

 AUGUST - 2018
Mabon is also called the Fall Equinox. September 21st.  At this time in the year, on this exact day, there are an equal number of hours in both the day and the night.
 Because of this, Mabon is a time of great reflection, giving thanks, and finding balance in our lives. We are thankful for the food, but mourn the passing of another harvest season. We are grateful for the Sun's warmth through the summer, but mourn his dwindling reign.
  There are many different ways you can celebrate Mabon; cord dolls are often made in reflection of blessings and desires. Food drives are sometimes held in order to spread the harvest to those who may not be able to enjoy it. Apples are sometimes picked, and sometimes rituals and rites are held to welcome the darkness in and ask for its blessings. However you choose to celebrate this holiday, do it with the knowledge that Summer is dying, and we're beginning to welcome Winter into the world.

This is a time of not only giving thanks for the crops and the harvest, but for any other blessings one may have received in the past year. Thanksgiving was once celebrated on or around this date for these reasons, but was changed when Abraham Lincoln wrote his Thanksgiving Address on the fourth Thursday in November.

One ritual is to make a cord braid. They're very easy to make, and they're fun, too. You get three pieces of cord, yarn or string . Mine usually tend to be green for health and well-being, white for protection, and blue for peace and calm.

As you braid the cords together, state outloud what each is for, and why you're incorporating it into your life.
Carry the braid with you throughout the day, thinking about the things you have already received in your life. Make sure to focus on the positive things that have happened, especially in the last year alone.

Then  meditate and reflect on the things you have been blessed with that year; be it good health, a good job, a raise, a healthy family... There are many things to be thankful for, if you know where to look.

Mabon Correspondences

•Other Names: Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Second Harvest, Alban Elfed, Witches' Thanksgiving, and Cornucopia.
•Colors: Brown, Orange, Violet, Maroon, Russet, and Deep Gold
 •Symbols: Grapes, Wine, Vines, Garland, Gourds, Burial Cairns, Rattles, Horn of Plenty, Indian Corn and Sun Wheels.
 •Ritual Meaning: Celebrating the Second Harvest, Balance, Honoring Aging Deities, Darkness Overtaking the Light and the Celebration of Wine.

 •Key Actions: Giving Thanks
 •Ritual Oils: Apple Blossom, Hay/Straw, Black Pepper and Patchouli.
 •Stones: Yellow Topaz, Carnelian, Sapphire, Yellow Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst.
 •Plants: Vines, Ivy, Hazel, Cedar, Hops and Tobacco.
 •Activities: Wine Making and Adorning Graves.
 •Taboos: Passing Burial Sites and not Honoring the Dead
 •Animals: Dogs, Wolves, Birds of Prey (Especially the Owl and Eagle), Blackbirds, Salmon, Stags and Goats.
 •Mythical Creatures: Andaman, Cyclops, Gnomes, Gulon, Minotaur, and the Sphinx.
•Deities: All Wine Deities (especially Dionysus and Bacchus), Persephone, Modron, Morgan, Snake Woman, Epona, Pamona, Muses, Demeter, Ceres, Thor, Mabon, Thoth, Hermes, Harvest Deities and Aging Deities.
•Foods: Grapes, Acorns, Wheat Bread, Indian Corn, Cornbread, Corn, Root Crops (Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, etc.) Nuts, Dried Fruits, Apples, Beans, and Squash.
•Drinks: Wine, Ale, and Cider


 Blessed Be!!


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